Fondant & Gumpaste Flowers

19 08 2008

I recently took Wilton’s Fondant & Gumpaste class, and we were shown how to make flowers with gumpaste. I love gumpaste…it can be molded so thin and it’s flexible. It also dries super fast! Here are some pictures of my carnations and fantasy flowers…enjoy!!

Carnation with pearl dust in pink brushed on.

This is the fantasy flower with the same pearl dust brushed on.




4 responses

19 08 2008

Those look gorgeous! Very impressive. I can’t wait to take that class 🙂

24 08 2008

wow that is so pretty! hard to believe it is edible!

30 06 2009
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[…] I took Course 1 (Easter Cake, TGIF cake, Final Cake), Course 2 (Final Cake) and Fondant/Gumpaste (Gumpaste flowers, Final cake). I skipped Course 3 because I was afraid of tiered cakes. It’s a fear I have and […]

23 07 2009
Wilton Course 3: Class 2 « Skinny Food By Amy

[…] really enjoy making gumpaste/fondant flowers. In Fondant and Gumpaste, I learned how to make the carnation and fantasy flower, which I really enjoyed. So, I’m happy about making some of these flowers for my future final […]

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