Vanilla MADNESS!

19 08 2008

Check out my vanilla extract after a little over 2 months later…I made two batches…one for my family’s house and one for my fiance’s looks great and I can’t wait to bake with it!! See the extract before a good 2 month soak here. I’m gonna keep the beans soaking in there for longer, but that rich amber color shows me that it’s already ready!!

My newest project with these fine beans is making some vanilla sugar for gifts around the holidays. Target was charging $1.99 for maybe 3 oz. of vanilla infused sugar, and with so many uses for it, I’m sure it will be a great gift for the coworkers…I love giving homemade items. Last year was truffles and pretzels (which I’ll probably continue anyway)…but I want to add vanilla sugar to the mix with some fun recipe ideas! I followed Culinary Concoctions proportions for the vanilla sugar in her post here.




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19 08 2008

Got to love the Arizona Bean Co!
After I finish my extract,and dry the pods, I’ll need a larger container for my vanilla sugar. I used alot of vanilla beans making my extract!

12 01 2009
Foodie Christmas Presents!! « Skinny Food By Amy

[…] I decided to give a bunch of homemade presents. For some family members, I gave spice baskets with homemade vanilla¬† extract and sugar. I found very reasonably priced bottles (that you didn’t have to buy in bulk or pay a […]

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