If Wilton gave you $30….

14 10 2008

…what goodies would you get?

I’ve taken 3 Wilton classes so far, and somewhere in there I got randomly selected to take a survey for a gift certificate for Wilton goodies! Originally, it was $20, which was generous! However, when I got my form in, they gave me $30 to cover shipping/taxes!! SCORE!!

So, I wanted some fun goodies and useful things as well. If I could, I’d get all sprinkles because those are just fun! However, I wanted some useful items I could use in my decorating too. I ended up getting a hybrid of both…check out the stash!

* Bake Even Strips
* Flower Lifter
* Candy Dipping Set
* White Sparkling Sugars
* White Nonpareils

I’m so excited about using the Bake Even Strips, especially, because I’m making my future nephew in law (I guess you can say)…a TIERED birthday cake full of elephants and jungle fun. So, I think these little strips will come in handy, and even though I haven’t taken tiered cakes yet, I have a feeling I can handle stacking two cakes. I have the instructions after all…how hard can it be?




2 responses

14 10 2008

I took the survey too and got the $30 certificate. I was surprised when I got it in the mail. So cool! I haven’t received the goodies because I finally decided what I wanted and mailed it in today. I decided on the Make Any Message plain letter set, Make Any Message Italic letter set, and 3 couplers because you can never have too many of those. My handwriting is terrible so I hope the letter sets will help. By the way the bake even strips are awesome! I just bought some and used them on my last cake and they worked like a charm.

16 10 2008

cant wait to see the cake! I was just looking at that rose remover the other day. 🙂 Great Score!!!

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