Baking Gifts Part 1

18 12 2009

Coworkers are typically difficult to buy for. In college, I would really only buy for fellow female student coworkers. It was easy…Starbucks gift cards, bath stuff, etc. When I graduated and got thrown into the real world, I was introduced to working in a primarily male field. I can’t shop for males, at all. I have enough trouble shopping for  my husband, father and brother! So, I started making edible gifts.

Last year, I bought cute Christmas chinese take-out boxes and put decorated sugar cookies, oreo truffles and chocolate covered pretzels in them. This year, I branched out from those ideas just a little bit.

I had my first adventures of making homemade peppermint marshmallows. The KA definitely was put to use here! I couldn’t have even fathomed making these last year with a $10 hand mixer.

Another recipe from Cookie Craft that I’ve been wanting to try is her rolled gingerbread cookies. These did not disappoint.

Of course, the oreo truffles made an appearance, and this time, instead of putting a bunch in one bag, I bought cutesy Christmas foils to wrap them in!

Adorable right? I love you Hobby Lobby.

Of course, here is a small picture of the packaging in action. I will say my kitchen was a big ol’ mess after this, but it was worth it! My coworkers seemed to love the goodies, and of course, the easiest recipe, oreo truffles, became the hit of the gifts!

In case you are curious as to the “part 1” in the title, well, we have to bake for family too next week and those will be a bit different, since they have favorites!

Stay tuned for the recipes, my first experience with painting on cookies and heck, more pictures!




3 responses

18 12 2009

Great job, everything looks delicious!

18 12 2009

Those are fabulous. I’m jelous of your co-workers. They will love them.

18 12 2009
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