Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Louisiana Saturday Night Celebration

28 02 2010

You know the band Alabama? I always found it funny that they sang a song about Louisiana Saturday nights since their name is, well, Alabama. Guess my rivalry between Bama and LSU will never die, eh?

This is my very first time doing a 24, 24, 24 event for Foodbuzz, and I could not be more excited. It was PERFECT timing to throw a party for family! Thanks so much to Foodbuzz for sponsoring this!

There are so many great things going on in Louisiana lately. Between the New Orleans Saints clinching a Superbowl winΒ  and Mardi Gras, I just thought it would be great to celebrate with family the traditional Louisiana way: CRAWFISH!

Oh yes, that silly crustacean that is also referred to as a crayfish or mudbug. We have been anxiously awaiting crawfish season, and we lucked out with a sack (roughly about 40 lbs.) from a local crawfish farmer for some crawfish foodie fun! I say lucked out, because it’s VERY early in the season and well, like the rest of the country, our winter isn’t exactly mild. Since it’s so cold, the crawfish basically go dormant. So, the crawfish are in short supply (and sadly, pricey). However, we just had to have some of this. It’s been far too long for us, and let’s just say we weren’t disappointed.

I’m sure some of you are insanely jealous and then there are some of you who are thinking, why crawfish?

Crawfish are insanely abundant in the swamps/marshes of Louisiana (when they are in season), and have been around since the native Americans and European settlers. Because of their abundance out here, they have remained popular for centuries and have sort of become tradition for family gatherings. In the Spring/early Summer, you can literally smell crawfish boil in the air in most neighborhoods. So many families do boils and LOVE it. It’s crazy that Louisiana supplies 90% of all domestic crawfish in the nation, yielding 75-105 MILLION pounds of crawfish. (fun facts via

So, now that you can understand our state’s small addiction to this little creature, here’s what we enjoyed at the party!

Mini Crawfish Pies*
Crawfish Cheesecake*
Crawfish Boudin
Crawfish Boil (of course)
Decorated Crawfish Sugar Cookies*

* There will be separate blog posts about these items off the menu.

Since the pies and cheesecake had to be assembled the night before and the crawfish for the boil wouldn’t be caught until the next morning , we purchased some Louisiana crawfish conveniently peeled into 1 lb. bags. Let me tell you, if you have to choose between Louisiana crawfish and foreign crawfish, you should strongly consider Louisiana crawfish. It might be a few more bucks than foreign crawfish, but I will say, they are TOTALLY not the same. Louisiana crawfish has so much more flavor and the tails are usually much larger too, so if you are thinking of buying crawfish in stores, seriously consider splurging a few extra bucks and getting domestic crawfish.

These crawfish pies were so yummy! The tray of these were gobbled up, and just came together so easily. I will admit, I used pre-made pie dough, but hey, the filling made up for it BIG time!Β  I was a little happy to have some leftover filling to freeze and make these again sometime soon!

This savory cheesecake was pretty darn easy to put together too. We ended up using this as a spread for crackers, and it was just so flavorful. We didn’t really eat it as a cheesecake though, since it was a very rich appetizer and we had to save room for the crawfish boil!

This is crawfish boudin. We like to buy this from a local cajun meat shop. I love this shop because they just know how to put a twist on the most basic things to taste perfectly Louisianian. If we had a long day at work and no time to cook (or just feeling lazy), it’s easy to pop something from there in the oven and enjoy it within an hour!

Back to boudin. Boudin is basically a rice dressing stuffed in a casing. The main ingredient is usually pork, but this meat shop makes fun types like red beans and crawfish! While it looks like sausage, most people find the casing to be unappetizing. So you just end up eating it out of the casing, which easily peels away.

We enjoyed our boudin spread on crackers. It was delicious!

We timed it to where we enjoyed appetizers while boiling these little fellas.

They went from this:

To this:

After they were done, we did not hesitate to fork out the newspaper and dig in! Crawfish boils aren’t usually strictly crawfish. Personally, we boil ours with lemons, onions, garlic, corn, potatoes, mushrooms and sausage. It’s fun to have a little variety in there!

And of course, for spice wimps like me, since these bad boys are boiled in a LOT of cayenne pepper and spices, there was plenty of french bread to calm down the burning taste buds! We purchased this bread at a produce stand that is known for selling great local foods. I love supporting local businesses, especially when it’s dealing with food, because it’s much fresher, flavorful and sometimes, even CHEAPER than buying at just your typical supermarket.

This boil was definitely enjoyed by all. We had a little bit leftover, which we’ll be peeling and freezing to use in another cajun dish sometime soon, but out of the sack of about 40 lbs., it was mostly gone! I guess we were hungry!

After the clean-up outside, we all went inside to hang out, let our tummies digest and enjoy a platter full of decorated crawfish cookies! Or, at least offer it out to those who saved some room for some! Stay tuned for how I made these. I am pretty happy with how these turned out, since I didn’t have a crawfish cookie cutter!

Thanks again to Foodbuzz for sponsoring this party. My family had a wonderful time catching up and enjoying this fabulous Louisiana staple! I hope this boil is first of many for this crawfish season! YUM! πŸ™‚




25 responses

28 02 2010
Ashley @ Bride on a Budget

Sounds like tons of fun. When I want crawfish, I go over to Po Boys, which is a local restaurant that specializes in Louisiana food. Absolutely delicious!

1 03 2010

Yum! Thumbs up to Louisiana food!

28 02 2010

yummmy!!!! it looks so good!!! Wish I could have been there for you to peel crawfish for me, too! hahahah!!

28 02 2010

Aww girl! Next time you’re down, I’mma have to make you a crawfish pie. πŸ™‚

28 02 2010
jenni marie

Amy, please please post the crawfish cheesecake recipe! Last time we were in NOLA we ate at Jacques-Imo’s and had the most fantastic alligator crawfish cheesecake! We can’t stop talking about it!

1 03 2010

OMG…I must try that! I love me some alligator (wow that sounds redneck, eh?) I’m definitely posting the recipe sometime this week! πŸ™‚

28 02 2010

Amy those crawfish look huge! We got some Friday and they were tiny. Where did you get them??

1 03 2010

My husband had a coworker who knew someone who has his own ponds. I guess we lucked out? I just couldn’t believe we found some, period! It’s been so cold!

28 02 2010

I had a blast Amy. Not only are you the best sister ever, but you are an amazing hostess with the mostest. That was some good grub girl.

1 03 2010

Thanks ::blushes:: πŸ™‚

28 02 2010

This entire post has me salivating.

1 03 2010

Hehe thanks girl! πŸ™‚

1 03 2010

My sister lives in northern LA (the Shreveport area) and I visited in May for the first time. I had never tried crawfish, but figured I should since I was there! It took a little while to get pumped up enough to actually touch one. LOL. I struggled getting the meat out of the tail (hey, I’m an Illinoisan with no practice!), but it was pretty tasty! Seemed like so much work for one tiny bite though! I did NOT suck the heads though… I draw the line somewhere! LOL. They wanted me to try Boudin while I was down there, but we never got around to it… maybe next time!

1 03 2010

I have a friend who refuses to peel them. She has something against animals looking at her or something so she gets people to peel them for her. I’m not the fastest peeler either, but I can do it without looking. πŸ™‚ Oh, and I never suck heads…that is nasty!

You must try boudin…you will love it! If they have boudin balls (fried boudin), even BETTER!

1 03 2010

i personally don’t like crawfish, but i love me a good crawfish boil cause i load up on tasty, spicy corn & potatoes [:)] hubby’s uncle throws aspargus in right at the end too, which is pretty tasty adaptation i’ve never seen anywhere else!

the cookies are so cute! looks like it was a good time!

1 03 2010

I love the corn and potatoes! In fact, I always make the mistake of filling up on them…so yummy! πŸ™‚

1 03 2010

Oh man Amy!! I’m so sad I missed out on this. Looks like y’all had a blast, and the food is making me want to jump in the car and drive down there. Someday soon, I hope. You and I could chase Katrina around the yard with the live crawfish. lol.

2 03 2010

Bwahahhaa…we put the crawfish in front of Millie haha! She thought the thing was just weird, and then, since it was kind of chilly, the crawfish was slow to move. BORING! LOL

5 03 2010
raquel of Cafe Nilson

awesome foodbuzz 24, 24, 24!

5 03 2010


8 03 2010
Ed Schenk

I love crawfish but only have done a shrimp boil and a crab boil. I buy crawfish whenever I find the at the store. I take the heads and make a wicked good stock which I use in crawfish gumbo.

9 03 2010

Congrats on the foodbuzz 24/24 Amy! I know NOTHING about crawfish, but everything looks great, especially those cookies!

9 03 2010

Thanks!! πŸ™‚

10 03 2010
Shelley (Pink House)

Wow! This was a very ambitious menu, but you pulled it off. Good for you! I’ve never cooked crawfish so it was interesting to read. The cookies are adorable!

28 03 2010
Vanessa Pike-Russell

Wow! I wish we had something like this where I live. I guess I could do something similar with the large king prawns. I’ve never thought to cook with lemons, onions, garlic, corn, potatoes, mushrooms and sausage! I’m a fan of cayenne pepper, too. Thanks for the great 24, 24, 24 entry πŸ™‚

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