Cookie Cutters Aren’t Everything..

5 03 2010

Crawfish cookies don’t seem to be as popular as Christmas tree cookies or Teddy bear shaped ones, so finding a cookie cutter for these just did not happen. I was sad, but I had my paring knife on me and went to town.

I found a print out of a decent crawfish and generalized it for cutting purposes. I was going to pipe the details instead. 🙂

This took me about an hour to cut out 16 crawfish shaped cookies, but the overall shape looked good to me, so I baked them up.

Hilariously, these cookies are the two WORST colors to make on icing. Red and black are hard colors to get, and you have to use almost 1/3 of the bottle to attain the color. (Note: If you need to make red icing, buy no taste red or you’ll end up with bitter icing.) Just remember, let the icing sit a little after dying it. Lighter colors get richer when they sit!

At this point of piping and filling, the hubs pointed out that they look like ants. Great…

However, after the details were put in, they looked pretty much like cutesy crawfish! 🙂 So, if you can’t find the cutter you are looking for, definitely consider getting a template and cutting from there!

In case you are wondering how to decorate cookies and what recipes I use, click here.




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5 03 2010

You did a great job!

5 03 2010

Thanks!! 🙂

5 03 2010
Maven Koesler

When my kindergartner wanted Gingerbread Cowboys for Christmas, I made my own cookie cutter. (It’s a book I found out when I googled Gingerbread Cowboy Cookiecutters, who knew!) Since they don’t (yet) make such a cutter, I had to improvise.
They sell something called Metal Strapping at the hardware store. It’s basically thin, perforated metal strip for tying tour pipes to your floor joists. I printed out the cowboy on cardstock, and carefully with needle nose pliers, bent the strapping around the outline. I overlapped the ends and wrapped it with tape to hold it together. Tweaked it into shape a bit more, and voila! It worked great!
I used plain white royal icing to pipe in the details like the cowboy in the kid’s book. They were a hit, and I didn’t spend hours free-handing cowboys..

5 03 2010


8 03 2010

Thanks Katie!! I love your cookies too, but I’m a terrible commenter! 🙂

12 03 2010

These are SO Cute! I LVE LOVE LOVE them!

12 03 2010

Thanks!! 😀

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