About Amy

Hi! I’m Amy, and I’m a 25 year old newlywed trying to lose 100 lbs. in order to lead a more healthy lifestyle. Of course, I can’t give up good food, or I’d be miserable. So, here’s some skinny (and sometimes not so skinny) recipes that I use in my kitchen!

I use Spark Recipes to calculate recipe nutritional information in my recipes.

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18 08 2009

Hi Amy,

I joined WW last month with the same quest as you: to lose 100 lbs (or as my WW leader refers it , 20 sacks of flour!). I was so pleased to happen upon your site! I LOVE to cook and I am always searching for food adventures WW friendly style.
Best wishes to you on your journey!
Arlene in NY

13 02 2010

Hey Amy,
I’m on SparkPeople too– username Fifteenthlife. What is yours so I can friend you and share recipes?

1 03 2010

I don’t regularly use SparkPeople to track. I just go there for calculating recipes. I’m sorry!

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